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Build More Powerful Portfolios Through the Simplicity of Relative Strength

Find Strength Faster for Better Opportunities in Every Market Environment

Maneuvering through the markets faster to find strength and weakness allows you to spend less time on finding the best setups and more time making money whatever your style, strategy or time frame.

Our Process

The simplest path to improve portfolio performance versus the markets is to make sure you are invested in assets that are outperforming the markets. Once you have done that, dialing in the risk to suit specific portfolio objectives becomes a lot easier. Whether you do it through broad market fund allocations, sector and theme investing, or at the individual stock level, incorporating this basic overriding concept of relative strength will add a new level of insight and opportunities; all while evaluating risk through current market structure and relative strength instead of past performance narratives.

Focusing on Strength

Why it Works

Observations of individual common stock returns over a 24 year study by Blackstar Funds

Number of stocks with a negative lifetime total return

Takeaway: One out of every five stocks are a money losing investment

Number of stocks that lost 75% of their value

Takeaway: Nearly one out of every five stocks is a really bad investment

Number of stocks that underperformed the Russell 3000 Index.

Takeaway: Most stocks can’t keep up with a diversified index.

of the best performing stocks accounted for all the market gains

From “The Capitalism Distribution” – Blackstar Funds


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Relative Strength Driven Market Analysis

Too often, the investment industry focuses on the newest and most popular narrative to rely on for explanation and often worst portfolio allocation.  As times change, so have the narratives and variables that drive them, but the underlying market actions and reactions remain constant. Combining various types of relative strength measures including participation levels, two types of relative price strength measures and relative momentum with unparalleled market segmentation can quickly and simply determine where strength is in the equity markets to guide our Investment decisions. We do the analysis and let the Advisor or Portfolio Manager decide what level to stop at. From the Macro level, through sectors and subsectors, ETFs and down to the individual security level, we can get you there the fastest.


30 Million Data Points

Who We Are

Investment Advisors Determined to Improve Portfolio Performance Through Focus and Simplification

We strive to help professional Investment Advisors and Portfolio Managers quickly and easily find out the true market structure. Our 25+ years of experience as an Investment advisor is why we understand that often there is little time left in the workweek to stay on top of markets and trends. And the little time we have gets chewed up trying to figure out what is really going on through all the financial media fluff. We want to replace this frustrating process with a simple, focused process that quickly identifies where the strength and weakness lies at every level and without all the noise that usually comes along with it.


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G. Thomas "Tommy" Lackey Jr. CMT, CFP®, CFS

Market Technician & Financial Advisor

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