Power Sector Review 5/1/2022

Power Sector Review May 1, 2022 Chart Highlights This was definitely a no where to hide week in the markets. As always some outperformed the $SPY and others didn’t.  Outperformance should also be seen in context of the equal weight sectors having a lot of small and even microcap components, so outperformance can be even […]

Weekly Macro Review 5/1/22

Weekly Macro Review May 1, 2022 Triple Play Review Big red monthly candles are enough to negate the tails that February and March built on $QQQ and $IWM. RSIs are all still in strong bull ranges with $QQQ just now losing the 50 level.  Such a long time frame takes forever to fill out, so […]

Mid-Week Macro Review 4/28/22

Mid-Week Macro April 28, 2022 Retest it is… Markets tend to move faster when they are angry, it is just how it works? After losing the flags (which also played right shoulders on TV) a retest is now upon us in less than a week. Sentiment has taken another dive with the markets and both […]

Power Sector Review 4/25/2022

Power Sector Review April 25, 2022 Chart Highlights With the markets on the rocks right now, it is worth mentioning that relative strength doesn’t alway equate to absolute strength. Chart and risk management skills are still they key in the end. We just point you to the areas that are showing something different from the […]

Weekly Macro Review 4/23/2022

Weekly Macro Review April 23, 2022 Triple Play Review As usual, the markets make the decisions not us.  I had to open my mouth mid-week about opportunities only to have them quickly shoved down my throat metaphorically.  We did discuss being in somewhat of a no-mans land, but many were leaning much more bearish before […]

Mid-Week Macro Review 4/20/22

Mid-Week Macro April 20, 2022 Right Shoulder or Retest As I mentioned yesterday morning on Benzinga PreMarket Prep, we are really in a waiting game, where the volume is turned up to 11.  Markets are hard to love here, but they aren’t really breaking down overall, but instead raiding certain sectors and subsectors.  Those just […]

Power Sector Review 4/18/2022

Power Sector Review April 18, 2022 Chart Highlights What has been working continues to. As boring as that may sound, it works. Utilities backed off a little this week after a strong run over the last month,  but not enough to pull the RSI down much.  As a defensive, Consumer Staples continues to make ground […]

Weekly Macro Review 4/17/2022

Weekly Macro Review April 17, 2022 Now that April OpEx is done with we can concentrate on earnings, inflation and they FED, or just focus on the charts.  The backdrop isn’t great which is coinciding with more distribution showing the sentiment is agreeing at the moment. However, that distribution was not able to push the […]

Mid-Week Macro Review 4/13/2022

Mid Week Macro April 13th, 2022 Sooner than Later As I look at the charts below, it brings many major overtones to mind that need to be reminded as we start.  The major trend is currently down and put in a short term bottom last month that showed a decent change of character in both […]

Weekly Macro Review 4/9/2022

Weekly Macro Review March 13, 2022 Triple Play Review Potential reversal weeks across the board this week challenging the recent run off the lows.  Weekly candles need follow through as well, so as bad as some may think it looks, we aren’t there yet.  That said, not many seem to be pulling for the bulls […]