Mid-Week Macro Review 4/13/2022

Mid Week Macro April 13th, 2022 Sooner than Later As I look at the charts below, it brings many major overtones to mind that need to be reminded as we start.  The major trend is currently down and put in a short term bottom last month that showed a decent change of character in both […]

Weekly Macro Review 4/9/2022

Weekly Macro Review March 13, 2022 Triple Play Review Potential reversal weeks across the board this week challenging the recent run off the lows.  Weekly candles need follow through as well, so as bad as some may think it looks, we aren’t there yet.  That said, not many seem to be pulling for the bulls […]

Mid-Week Macro Review 4/7/2022

Mid-Week Macro Review April 7, 2022 Markets continued on the defensive after hawkish FED speak spilled over into Wednesday with an ugly gap down as investors waited for the realising of the minutes.  Being 3 weeks old, the Minutes didn’t do anything to change the mood.  Markets stabilized and  moved sideways most of the day.  […]

Weekly Macro Review 4/2/2022

Weekly Macro Review April 2, 2022 Triple Play Review  It is not too often the chart ends line up this well. I used to post a quarterly chart with this sequence, but don’t really see the need here, so we will start with the Monthly view.  March saw strong closes to the month after plenty […]

Mid-Week Macro 3/30/2022

Mid-Week Macro 3/30/2022 Lockout Continues As we move into the end of the quarter, buyers continues to push off the lows creating a lot of chatter about the bounce turning into a reversal. Every new leg starts with a bounce.  It is during that bounce that we get the best information of staying power through […]

Weekly Macro Review 3/27/2022

Weekly Macro Review March 27, 2022 Triple Play Review Weekly view shows all 3 of our ETFs tacking on follow through after the strong reversal candles. The hard test of the $SPY $QQQ RSI bull ranges are looking successful as they didn’t stay below RSI 40 long and on the bounce the price charts are […]

Mid-Week Macro 3/23/2022

Mid-Week Macro Review March 23, 2022 Triple Play Review Floored since the FED Since last week markets have been on a tear.  As we mentioned then, once the FED got past we could see more relief and we have, with all the strength, it hasn’t pulled us out of the muck just yet.  All three […]

Weekly Macro Review 3/19/2022

Weekly Macro Review March 19, 2022 Triple Play Review The $SPY weekly chart held where it need to for the RSI bull range to remain intact.  We had noted markets looked rough coming into OpEx and FED week.  The fact that they had every reason and opportunity to break down and didn’t had us on […]

Mid-Week Macro 3/16/2022

Mid Week Macro 3/16/2022 FED Focus We always here about the next FED meeting being the most important, but it seems this one is likely to have a decent effect on the short and maybe intermediate trend of the markets.  So much anticipation and banter for more than two months now about how much they […]

Weekly Macro Review 3/13/2022

Weekly Macro Review March 13, 2022 Triple Play Review Onother week and more new lows for all three with big candles on the $SPY and $QQQ closing near the lows for the week.  Only the $QQQ saw higher volume for the week which is interesting but also telling for the continued growth weakness.  $IWM chart […]