Living In a Materials World

Living in a Materials World Sector Happenings The Materials sector has been working its way up the sector relative strength rankings in recent weeks and moving up 27 points this week to the second spot. Now remember this is a 3 month relative strength ranking so it moves faster than normal. This make some since […]

Power Sector Review 5/17/2022

Power Sector Review May 17, 2022 Chart Highlights Some pressure coming off the markets as we head into Opex on Friday. Don’t know yet if it will amount to much, but for now we follow progress and see if it can build on itself.  Not a tome of movement in the Sector rankings. Communication Services […]

ETF RS Movers 5/15/2022

ETF RS Movers May 15, 2022 Chart Highlights I have compiled a grouping of snapshots containing the ETFs that have moved the most RS points over the last week, up or down. These are compared versus their peers, so these represent the movers within each space. You will have to decide which spaces you prefer […]

Bird’s Eye View 5/15/2022

Bird’s Eye View Relative Comparative Breakdown May 15, 2022 Power Universe Below are all the relative comparative charts from the Power Universe in one place for easy visual comparison.  We believe this gives a great bird’s eye view of where the performance is and isn’t currently in the markets. Eventually this will be a page […]

Power Sector Review 5/9/2022

Power Sector Review May 9, 2022 Chart Highlights After last weeks no where to hide week, we saw a few sectors try to rebound. Energy being the only one that did so with any conviction. Financials also showed some absolute strength and moved a bit off the lows in relative strength. Utilities was the other […]

Power Sector Review 5/1/2022

Power Sector Review May 1, 2022 Chart Highlights This was definitely a no where to hide week in the markets. As always some outperformed the $SPY and others didn’t.  Outperformance should also be seen in context of the equal weight sectors having a lot of small and even microcap components, so outperformance can be even […]

Power Sector Review 4/25/2022

Power Sector Review April 25, 2022 Chart Highlights With the markets on the rocks right now, it is worth mentioning that relative strength doesn’t alway equate to absolute strength. Chart and risk management skills are still they key in the end. We just point you to the areas that are showing something different from the […]

Power Sector Review 4/18/2022

Power Sector Review April 18, 2022 Chart Highlights What has been working continues to. As boring as that may sound, it works. Utilities backed off a little this week after a strong run over the last month,  but not enough to pull the RSI down much.  As a defensive, Consumer Staples continues to make ground […]

Power Sector Review 4/3/2022

Power Sector Review April 3, 2022 Chart Highlights Same story different week. In reality, as we look at these each week most of the changes we see will not be dramatic. More small shifts and nuances starting to appear within the bigger picture. Top three stay are the same with Energy leading and Utilities and […]

Power Sector Review 3/27/2022

Power Sector Review March 27, 2022 This week the major indexes were all up decently on the week giving follow through to the reversal candles we saw last week.  We discussed this more in the Weekly Macro Review. The Equal weight power universe looked more like small caps in the weekly performance, on the equal […]