Weekly Macro Review 3/6/2022

Weekly Macro Review March 06, 2022 Chart Highlights Weekly Triple Play charts didn’t really improve this week, They tried, but in the end closed lower across the board as the MA bands were rejected for now.  The chart below notated the $SPY is still holding the RSI bull range as price sites on this ledge […]

Power Sector Review 3/7/2022

Power Sector Review March 07, 2022 With the Macro view of the markets still in this backtest mode and major indexes holding above the lows going into the week, but that is in no way suggesting there is great strength. Determination maybe, and that can work in many case, there is a lot of pressure […]

Weekly Macro Review 2/26/2022

Weekly Macro Review February 26, 2022 Chart Highlights Came into the short week on a bit of a ledge in the indexes and they definitely pushed over to start the week as the war drums got louder. Wasn’t just those drums taking a beating to start the week, the markets were also getting banged a […]

Power Sector Review 20220214

Power Sector Review February 14, 2022 From a sector perspective it can look better than the general markets depending on where you are focused, but even then there are landminds around many turns. Energy has been the most unscathed, but even in Financials and Consumer Staples we have seen well known names take a big […]

Weekly Macro Review 20220214

Weekly Macro Review February 14, 2022 Chart Highlights one the World ETF Stage there was not that much happening, Latin America still leading with some movers of the bunch being EWW ACH ARGT EWS EWM. IWM was the 9th best RS mover of the week, but only put it up to a ranking on this […]

Weekly Sector Review 02-07-2022

Power Sector Review February 7, 2021 Chart Highlights As we start the week Energy, Financials, and Utilities still lead in RS rankings. However, late last week consumer discretionary and tech made an attempt to outperform. It will be interesting to monitor this rotation and if it has any staying power.  Financials was the RS mover […]

Weekly Macro Review 02-07-2022

Weekly Macro Review February 7th, 2022 Chart Highlights Daily Triple play chart shows the ups and downs of the week as we try to work off the lows. Still in bear ranges, but Friday gave the bulls a chance to retrace a larger portion of the drop if they take the opening. $SPY did the […]

Power Sector Review 20220131

Power Sector Review January 31, 2022 Markets didn’t make it easy for anyone last week. We mentioned them needing to take a stand, and I guess they did by the end of the week.  However, the actual movement throughout the week was not an easy read.  It does look like we put in some short […]

Weekly Macro View 20220131

Weekly Macro Review January 31, 2022 Chart Highlights A significant change from last week is shown with the S&P RS movers in the World ETF rankings. This is improvement as U.S. equities have underperformed lately. Friday’s move will need to see some continuation early this week to be meaningful. Looking at short-term breadth gives us […]

Power Sector Review 20220124

Power Sector Review January 23, 2022 As we mentioned in the post last week, we were either at a good spot for support to hold or fold, and it folded hard on OpEx week.  All the sectors and subsectors saw heavy correlation to the downside.   Chart Highlights This is what we see near washout levels, […]