Power Stock Review 20220118

Power Stock Setups January 18, 2022 Today’s video includes a few names I liked, but are not an exhaustive list of the solid setups that we found over the weekend.  Below is a list of the tickers that caught our eye. I added a few short side setups to look at as well this week.  […]

Power Sector Review 20220117

Power Sector Review January 17, 2022 For the week the broader markets showed a lot of volatility during the week but ended with indecision candles in many places.  This week I cover the top 3 relative sectors based on my 3 month ranking as well as Communication Services and a quick glance at Information Technology […]

Weekly Macro View 20220117

Weekly Macro Review January 17, 2022 Chart Highlights One thing we have to be open to from a Macro view is the US Out performance is waning for now.  With our domestic ETFs no where near the leaders here, it may be worth finally inching up the global equity allocations for now. Many other developed […]

Power Stock Setups 20220111

Power Stock Setups December 27, 2021 This weeks video covers mainly pullback plays.  The are plays that either have been crushed in recent months and are very oversold or just recent days and are near potential support and short term oversold.  The list of names are by no means an exhaustive list, but give plenty […]

Power Sector Weekly 20220110

Power Sector Review January 10, 2022 A tough start to the year for many sectors, while a few shined. Mainly Energy and Financials.  Selling has persisted and is continuing to weigh on the growth areas of the markets.  While we are seeing a lot of rotation, the sector weightings of the stronger areas are not […]

Weekly Macro Video 20220110

Weekly Macro View January 10, 2022 Chart Highlights Below are a few of the grids we cover, but remember you can view and sort them by any columns to find the view that give the best insight. Ranking over 60 world ETFs to see where our domestics indexes stand as well a find strong opportunities […]

Quick Consumer Discretionary RS Movers 20220104

Morning Ideas January 4, 2022 Consumer Discretionary RS Movers This video is a quick take to give some decent looks within the Consumer Discretionary sector while showing you how to quickly find them on your own. Chart Highlights Top list is the RS Gainers in the Consumer Discretionary sector. I used the Universe Relative Strength […]

Power Stock Movers 20220103

Power Stock Setups December 27, 2021 Since I ran out of time this week, here is a quick video of some a simple way to find setups on the Power-investing.com website.  While designed to allow you to explore all levels of the market, a quick way to find moving stocks is to use the Universe […]

Power Sector Weekly 20220103

Power Sector Review January 3, 2022 Starting the new year looking at the sector world and where we end the last.  I misspoke a few times and tried to ignore Semiconductors even though it is the top subsector.  Since it’s a live run, I didn’t edit these out so I am acknowledging them here.  Overall, […]

Weekly Macro Video 20220102

Weekly Macro View January 03, 2022 Chart Highlights This weeks chart highlights are Focused on market views of multiple time frames and then the current price and breadth setup of the Power Universe.  We start with the TP Monthly showing strong trends in RSI bull ranges. $SPY $QQQ extending and rejecting the November warning candles […]