Daily Power Snapshots

March 15, 2024

Let's Start Here

Daily Power Snapshots are a new morning review of the sector and subsector data spreadsheets that we post from time to time. This will be part of the elite memberships and will hit your inbox early for your daily preparation. These quickly show where each segment stands on the long, intermediate and short-term views from breadth and momentum perspectives.

Moving average breadth is a slower move, but did lose a chunk of green today on the downdraft.

RSI sheet is also effective with many coming back below 60 on RSI for the first time in a while and a few moving under the number and losing the green highlight on price.

After a few days of mixed breadth, some bifurcation even within various subsectors. The selling picked up today in all subsectors except Energy and Consumer Staples.

An official 80% down day for the Power Universe dragging a ton of sectors with it. (Anywhere you see a blank, it should be the same as the corresponding Advancers/Decliners column.)

What a difference a day makes, on this and the Lows Snapshot below. Seems everyone went from one side of the boat to the other today. Not that surprising during OpEx week.

New lows spike in many 10day readings, which isn’t that unusual on a trend day, but the spreading to the 21 and 63 day on this first down day is a little more concerning in the short term. Again, we see Energy and Consumer Staples escaped the carnage today.

A quick review should help you find where money is flowing and get to your fishing lanes for the day a little faster. To dive deeper into any particular space, just go back up top to the menu you can get to any sector or subsector from there!

This information is for educational purposes only and is not a recommendation.  Please see the full disclosure in the footer.

As always, I hope this helps!