Power Sector Review

January 3, 2022

Starting the new year looking at the sector world and where we end the last.  I misspoke a few times and tried to ignore Semiconductors even though it is the top subsector.  Since it’s a live run, I didn’t edit these out so I am acknowledging them here.  Overall, things ended the year with defensives showing the most relative strength.  Consumer Staples and Real Estate look good, especially if you move past the large cap players. At the end, I wanted to focus on Hardware and Equipment and ended up spending more time on the Semiconductor charts. I posted a few from the hardware and Equipment Subsector below so we don’t miss it. 

Chart Highlights

This is a lot of pink and red in one place

Sectors continue to stack defensive to close the year out.

A large portion of the subsectors are seeing more than 65% above the 20 day moving average which shows some broad participation into the end of the year.  I glossed over Consumer Discretionary a bit in the video, but will be look at more in the space during the stock idea video I will post later.

On the Subsector level focused on sorting by the largest relative strength moves higher over the month of December. Pulling some of the lower ranked subsectors up the list for a potential change in character.

The video will take you through a quick run down into a couple of sectors and subsectors.  We cover some of the strongest and weakest as well as a few in between. Even with the word fumbles in this one.  We are still early in these videos, I will get better at running through the info quickly and speaking correctly along the way…

As always, I hope this helps!

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