Sector RS Movers

May 15, 2022

Chart Highlights

I have compiled a grouping of snapshots containing the stocks that have moved the most RS points over the last week, up or down within their specific sector (not versus the entire universe). These are compared versus their peers, so these represent the movers within each space. You will have to decide which spaces you prefer to concentrate on, this should get you started. Remember not to get caught in the idea of RS gainers = buy and RS losers = sell. We are looking for differentiation here and look for opportunities in the charts.

All snapshots above are from the respective sector pages sorted by RS movers column. if you go to the page you can click on the ticker links to view the charts on

This information is for educational purposes only and is not a recommendation to do anything, at all….  Please see the full disclosure in the footer

As always, I hope this helps!