Weekend Power Snapshots

March 23, 2024

Let's Start Here

Weekend Power Snapshots compile the daily snapshots to show how the week progressed. It will be part of the elite memberships and sent out each weekend. These quickly show where each segment stands on the long, intermediate and short-term views from breadth and momentum perspectives each day of the week.

Thursday was the peak buying for the week and it showed. MA breadth came off, especially the shorter term MA readings.

Price action we normal ebb and flow this week after buyers held the line early.

Short term measures started the week off weak, but came on strong through Thursday.

Pressure gauges went with the rest and built strength going into Thursday, but today some give back going into the weekend. Real Estate and Financials standing out Friday.

As we look through the week, the progression of new highs into Wednesday and then peeking on very strong readings on Thursday.

After flatlining into Thursday’s action, Friday saw new lows return to the scene, clustered in Communication Services and Health Care. Those two are worth watching to see if it expands, but not a big concern yet. IT Services and Apparel & Luxury Goods also showing lows across all three time frames popping today.

A quick review should help you find where money is flowing and get to your fishing lanes for the day a little faster. To dive deeper into any particular space, just go back up top to the menu, you can get to any sector or subsector from there!

This information is for educational purposes only and is not a recommendation.  Please see the full disclosure in the footer.

As always, I hope this helps!