Weekly Macro View

January 10, 2022

Chart Highlights

Below are a few of the grids we cover, but remember you can view and sort them by any columns to find the view that give the best insight. Ranking over 60 world ETFs to see where our domestics indexes stand as well a find strong opportunities outside our borders. This week with the big drop in the $SPY $QQQ on the rankings, it is worth noting the strength in $EWO $INDA $EWU $EWW all have decent looking breakout setups while our markets are heading the other way.

The Universe Breadth here is stuck in the middle. Even with the weakness this week we see the NHNL still has all 3 readings positive, MA Breadth in the middle on a Summation buy signal and Breadth Thrust right in the middle.  Summation is starting to flatten, but not roll hard here.

Size and Style rankings give a quick view to what is leading and what shifts are happening. Next three are teh Size and Style on 3mo, 6mo, 12mo showing the Value resurgence has now pushed through all levels. This is different from the March 2020 lows when value only held the helm for a week or maybe two tops.

Sector Rankings remain defensive with Energy and Financials making big strides this week to take the lead while Utilities show some underperformance.

In the video we cover an overview of the broad market to see where we stand and how things are shaping up for the week to come. You will find a sector review on the website to go deeper into where the strength and weakness currently are.

As always, I hope this helps!